Carbony™ High Whistle in D


Carbon fiber has the sonic performance of a hardwood as ebony with much greater strength allowing for a thin wall design not possible before. This tapered design allows for close finger spacing for rapid passage articulation and volume balance in all registers. Now with anodized serialized laser engraved fipple body with ebonite tip. Comes with a lifetime warranty.

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    let me preface this by saying that i have played and owned a lot of whistles over the years. just about every make and model there is, i have tried out at some point or another. none. and i mean none have the all around performance and durability that i have experienced with Carbony Celtic Winds. no whistle i have played performs as well in such a wide variety of conditions as these do. from freezing cold to hot and muggy this whistles intonation is rock steady. not only that but no whistle i have owned thus far, provides as clean and beautiful a tone as these. i can genuinely not say enough good about the Carbony High D or ANY Carbony whistle for that matter. if you are a discerning Celtic wind player in the market for a high end whistle that will stand the test of time, look no further.

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